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Blue Care

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HMO Plans

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Cash Prices 


Office Visits

Walk-in ----------------$69

By Appointment ------$59

Comprehensive Visit --$99

Physical ---------------$65


All x-rays ------$59

All CT Scans --$300

With Contrast --$350

All Ultrasounds --$125


Complete Blood Count ------------$25

Complete Metabolic Panel ---------$38

Basic Metabolic Panel --------------$25

Lipids -------------------------------$38

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone -----$30

Free T4 -----------------------------$45

Hemoglobin A1C --------------------$30

PSA  ---------------------------------$25

CEA Colon Cancer screening --------$40

Vitamin B12 -------------------------$25

Vitamin D3 --------------------------$55

Progesterone ------------------------$35

Estradiol -----------------------------$45

Testosterone ------------------------$35

Urinalysis ----------------------------$8 

*We offer competitive pricing on all labs and immunizations.

A complete list can be found here.


*These are cash prices and you must establish care at Satellite Med.

Payment Options


Satellite Med is a Care-Credit-friendly medical office. If you are unfamiliar, CareCredit is a credit-card-based payment system designed to cover your healthcare expenses. Care Credit can help cover the cost of many treatments and procedures and gives you the flexibility of making monthly payments.  Use this  to get an idea of how much your monthly payments could be. Click below to apply for Care Credit now